For optimal auto trading, the recommended minimum exchange balance is from 200 USDT.

The main balance of CUPO is used to pay for the subscription, as well as withdraw funds. The referral balance is used to receive remuneration under the affiliate program from the company's earnings from attracted active (who purchased a subscription) clients. The bonus balance is used to receive rewards for drawings, promotions, promotions, etc. in the form of bonuses that are used only to pay for the subscription.

For the convenience of the user, we have made it as easy as possible to use the CUPO trading platform. To start auto trading, you need to subscribe to CUPO, and also have enough free cryptocurrencies on the balance of your crypto exchange account. In the CUPO settings, select the main cryptocurrency, as well as on the trading page, select any few currency pairs and click the button to start auto trading.

A subscription gives you access to use autotrading tools.

To do this, you need to replenish the main balance of CUPO in an amount that corresponds to the cost of a subscription, then purchase a suitable subscription on a page dedicated to this in the CUPO platform.

In this case, auto trading will be suspended for 3 days. During this time, it is necessary to renew the subscription and start auto trading. Otherwise, all your orders will be permanently deleted from the system.

Accrued bonuses are intended to pay for the subscription. Write-off is made by selecting the appropriate checkbox when purchasing a subscription.

The keys are required for the bot to work with your crypto exchange account. There is a public and private API key that can be created in the personal account of the crypto exchange. Important - the keys must be created without permission to withdraw funds, so your cryptocurrencies will be safe and no one will be able to withdraw using these API keys. In the CUPO platform settings, select the desired exchange and enter your own API keys in the appropriate fields and click confirm. After that, your crypto exchange balance data will be automatically uploaded to your CUPO account.